What is the license of the best online casino sites in Canada?

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What is the license of the best online casino sites in Canada?

Many people know that a good online casino never plays without a license. But the question is also what kind of license a gambling club has. It is a proven fact that the best online casino sites in Canada are licensed by Kahnawake. Read on for what it is and why it's prestigious.

What is Kahnawake Gambling Commission

It's the official gambling regulator of Quebec, a province of Canada. The main activities are licensing of online casinos, poker rooms, bookmakers, control, regulation of the quality of the services they provide.

The Commission consists of three authorized members responsible for the integrity and decency of the operators, and its membership is re-elected every two years. Thus, the authorities guarantee the integrity and fairness of its decisions. Moreover, people with an impeccable reputation and high status as leaders of well-known brands are elected to the committee.

The Kahnawake Gambling Commission sets strict requirements for licensees. First of all, they are aimed at protecting the interests of players from non-payment of winnings and fraudulent actions — both by dishonest users and the casinos themselves. Therefore, not every online casino site in Canada can get it.

What does the Kahnawake gambling commission require from gambling sites?

So, what a gambling club should have to become one of the best online casino sites in Canada:

  • The highest quality software must be integrated into the casino.
  • The audits are carried out by independent auditors.
  • The institution is obliged to provide a guarantee of the payment of winnings to players.
  • Unsullied casino reputation.
  • The business owner should have references from respected experts in finance and economics.

Also, such online casino sites in Canada must ensure that minors can neither play nor register on this site.

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