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Home Tips for Online Poker 21.01.2022

Tip #1

Think about your bankroll. You should not play with the fear of losing, if bad luck causes you to lose a blow it should not affect your capital. This way you can play your best poker even if it forces you to play within very low limits. You have to go through this to progress.

Tip #2

Give great importance to your position. In cash game poker, absolutely wanting to steal the blinds is not a good strategy, focus more on your opponents’ stack. Being in position is essential, meaning speaking last after the flop is out, so don’t hesitate to raise or re-raise in order to get that position. Be aggressive whenever you have a strong hand.

Tip #3

Take notes. Long-term poker is 10% luck, 90% strategy. Time is your ally, it allows luck or bad luck to balance out, so you will progress with the experience you store. Note taking allows you to better analyze opponents and the reactions to adopt in different situations. Which can only be good for your progress!

Tip #4

Never play to get away from your worries. If you want to make money at poker, you have to give your best. When you are bothered by outside elements, this is the best way to lose because you will be against opponents who are 100%.

Tip #5

Pay attention to the tilt. In the world of online poker, you have to be careful to stay focused on every hand you play, not to start a game when you are tired or unwilling to play. On the internet, tilt can come very quickly, and it's important not to blow up your bankroll on a bad session.

Tip #6

Select your hands. To get started in online poker, we’d recommend that you only play the very good starting hands. Later, with growing experience and confidence you can expand your game and try to introduce more bluffing. For a good start, stick to playing tight.

Tip #7

Choose your type of game. It’s a different mindset than playing cash games or tournaments. Cash games can bring in more consistent payouts by playing seriously, but it can quickly go one way or the other. When it comes to tournaments, it's different given the few paid players (usually 10%), but all you need is one tournament to change your life.

Tip #8

Be patient. Only play solid hands at first, you need to know how to fold a lot of hands and not be in a rush to win a pot in a game. You just have to wait for the real good opportunity and know how to seize it!

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